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Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing that can highlight corporate reliability and create a positive image

Marketing where consumers create word of mouth, consumers lead brand expansion, and communication between consumers

Marketing that increases brand credibility through selective exposure by consumers and helps promote marketing messages as consumers voluntarily seek out content

Advertising products through the media, such as sending press releases and interviews through the media

An advertising product that provides more accurate and reliable information by advertisers who are experts in the field using content such as blogs, posts, and cafes for keywords that users have deep intentions to search for information.

DeJi Marketing's viral optimization strategy is as follows.


Creating trustworthy content

Spread positive awareness to consumers through informational content
Inducing natural inflow by reducing consumer's negative perception of advertising and increasing brand credibility

Create a monthly planner

Writing and selecting topics according to specific events so that related topics are not duplicated according to the schedule

Create link banner

Create a link link banner at the bottom of the blog post to the homepage and social media
Produced so that when clicked, it can be introduced to its homepage, social media, etc.

Neighbor management

Secure interested potential customers by attracting a certain number of daily visitors through adding neighbors and commenting on the latest posts

accurate report

Not only does it provide accurate advertising reports, but it also accumulates and analyzes
Proposes a step-by-step optimization method through efficiency analysis and advertisement diagnosis according to keywords

Big effect for small cost

Acquiring more reliable information from the consumer's point of view

Viral marketing is literally marketing by word of mouth. If a marketing entity creates content that can become viral and starts to get word of mouth, the effect can grow exponentially due to the nature of word of mouth that quickly spreads widely. In other words, it can be said that marketing subjects (mainly companies) can achieve a large effect at a low cost because the effect of spreading is large even if they do not get involved in diffusion compared to other marketing techniques after producing viral content.

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