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Exposure to premium network services

From mobiles to PCs, wherever users are located, we expose advertisements.

Display advertising is online advertising that combines copy and visual elements with a call to action (CTA) message that leads to a landing page. Display ads usually appear on the top or side of a website, or in some cases in the middle of the content you are reading. Display advertising is a visually appealing, cost-effective and measurable way for brands to achieve their marketing goals. Therefore, display advertising is at the heart of all modern media mixes.

Banner-type advertisements exposed in various ways and sites in each portal site main and detailed pages, domestic media main and article pages, or affiliated sites

DeJi Marketing's banner ad optimization strategy is as follows.


Suggest personalized keyword advertising through one-on-one consulting

Personalized keyword suggestion through analysis of each advertiser through one-on-one consulting rather than simple keyword suggestion tailored to budget Quickly identify current trends such as seasons, issues, details, relevance, and recommendations to occupy one step faster than competitors

Script installation support

Free support for essential script installation for efficiency analysis and accurate targeting advertising

High-quality banner production utilizing our strengths

Support for design production and resizing of high-quality banners that draw attention to trends and take advantage of the company's strengths, rather than a single image

accurate report

Not only does it provide accurate advertising reports, but it also accumulates and analyzes Proposes a step-by-step optimization method through efficiency analysis and advertisement diagnosis according to keywords

Start by defining your audience

Display advertising has many advantages, but most importantly, it is measurable, cost effective, complementary to other channels, flexible and accessible.

The most successful advertising campaigns connect with customers through multiple channels, and display advertising remains an essential component of an integrated marketing plan.

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