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SNS ads

SNS Marketing reflecting the lifestyle of modern people

Marketing that utilizes various social media such as Facebook and Instagram allows for advertising execution with a small budget, allowing for strategic and diversified marketing.

It is largely divided into SMM (Social Media Management) marketing and paid ads. In the case of SMM marketing, it is a strategy to organically expose content to potential customers by uploading it, whereas in case of advertising marketing, it means paying a fee to the platform and artificially exposing it to the desired target group.

DeJi Marketing's SNS advertisement optimization strategy is as follows.

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Suggest personalized keyword advertising through one-on-one consulting

Personalized keyword suggestion through analysis of each advertiser through one-on-one consulting rather than simple keyword suggestion tailored to budget Quickly identify current trends such as seasons, issues, details, relevance, and recommendations to occupy one step faster than competitors

Suggest content that draws emotion and attention to the company

Suggest and produce high-profile content that fits the trend

pixel installation

Sales conversion analysis by setting pixel values to follow user clicks

accurate report

Not only does it provide accurate advertising reports, but it also accumulates and analyzes
Proposes a step-by-step optimization method through efficiency analysis and advertisement diagnosis according to keywords

What it really means to understand your customers

Social media marketing refers to advertising using social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
SNS marketing is a marketing strategy that communicates with customers differently from conventional marketing that advertises or promotes through traditional mass media such as television and newspapers.
SNS, which spreads like a spider's web, spreads very quickly, and now social networks are a kind of viral marketing with powerful ripple power to the extent that topics within SNS appear on broadcast programs or news.

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