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Drive publicity and branding by encouraging more people to view your video ads.

Through an easy and intuitive platform, anyone can easily do everything from registering for advertisements to checking reports.

VIDEO Marketing that stimulates viewing and hearing
Online video advertising service using video social media, effective advertising according to the popularization of smartphones

Promote your products and services in the channels most relevant to your business.
YouTube viewing hours increased by 50% compared to the previous year, and YouTube ad execution more than doubled in the past two years for small and medium-sized businesses and small businesses (2020,

Video marketing is growing rapidly as the video content market grows.

Video-based content has established itself as an influential content within mobile platforms

Now everyone is communicating with the world with a small mobile device in the palm of their hand.


Video is a content for empathy and communication, allowing immersion without any special vigilance.

Content that stimulates emotions and empathizes with consumers easily

Through video content, it is possible to obtain the effect of gaining consumer sympathy and sharing emotions.


DeJi Marketing's video ad optimization strategy is as follows.


Suggest personalized keyword advertising through one-on-one consulting

Personalized keyword suggestion through analysis of each advertiser through one-on-one consulting rather than simple keyword suggestion tailored to budget Quickly identify current trends such as seasons, issues, details, relevance, and recommendations to occupy one step faster than competitors

UTM installation support (when using Google Analytics)

UTM installation support essential for efficiency analysis and accurate targeting advertisement

accurate report

Not only does it provide accurate advertising reports, but it also accumulates and analyzes Proposes a step-by-step optimization method through efficiency analysis and advertisement diagnosis according to keywords

Show eye-catching performance and sincerity

There are many reasons why video advertising is an important part of a business's marketing strategy. Perhaps the most important reason is that consumers are spending more and more time on the Internet via computers, smartphones and smart home devices. The average American has more than 10 Internet-connected devices in their home.1 Digital marketing can help you reach potential customers where they are.

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